RV Tips

RV Tips


RV Propane Tanks Care And Maintenance

Acme or POL valve required for RV propane cylinders & cylinder re-certification The Federal government prohibited the sale and use of POL valves found on older DoT type propane cylinders. (POL is an abbreviation for Prest-O-Lite, for the company that first produced the valve). These valves have the familiar female left-hand-thread in the valve and …

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RV Leveling Tips

RV Stabilizing – Leveling Hints & Tips – Stabilizer Jacks & Leveling Jacks for Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailer RVs Stabilizing your rig is not necessary but doing so may make your RV more pleasant to be in. The smaller the Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer the more it can benefit from stabilizing systems. You …

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RV Fire Prevention

RV Fire! Be Aware it can Happen 1) RVs burn fast! 2) The smoke from a burning RV is very toxic and you should not even try to stay inside and fight the fire. Just a few lung-fulls of the acrid smoke may require hospitalization. 3) You cannot have too big a fire extinguisher. Your …

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RV Awning Care

RV Awnings An RV awning is one of the most popular ‘options’ available for your Motor Home, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer. But many RVers don’t use their awing because they don’t know how easy it is to use. Follow the simple instructions below to learn how to operate your RV awning and begin enjoying …

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RV Exterior – Cleaning Black Streaks

Black Streaks – How to Clean Black Streaks from your RV The roof of your RV, by itself, doesn’t cause the black streaks. It’s the dirt, bird droppings, and other stuff that runs off the roof during light rains and heavy dew that causes the black streaks down the side of your RV. Washing the …

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RV Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning Rv Exterior Bugs and bird droppings on your paint, grillwork and windshield? Saturate the area with spray cooking oil, let it sit for 10 minutes then wash the windshield as usual. To remove salt deposits from a painted metal RV exterior, wash with a solution of baking soda and warm water. For extra heavy …

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RV Roof Cleaning

RV Roof Care and Maintenance – the Basics for Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers The roof on your recreational vehicle is just as important as a roof on any landlocked house. It protects you and your home from some of the destructive forces of nature, Part-timers, as well as fulltimers, need to plan regular …

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