Best RV Awning Lights


No matter where your RV adventure takes you, good exterior lighting is key to enjoying the cool of the evening while cooking out or just visiting with friends. Exterior lighting kits are also a godsend when you are trying to connect your RV to utility hookups at night. However, not every RV comes equipped with awning lights, and this can make it tough to provide adequate lighting when you are parked up and enjoying the outdoors. Fortunately, adding a string of lights to your RV awning is one of the easiest modifications you can make on your RV. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting kit for your RV awning, as well as our top picks for RV awning lights. Take a look at our guide and reviews:

The 5 Best RV Awning Lights To Buy

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RV Awning Lights Features To Consider

Choosing what string of lights to slap up on your RV awning may seem like a simple decision, but like many RV related upgrades you need to ensure you get the details right before deciding on the lighting kit that’s right for you. Here are some points to ponder when purchasing an RV awning lights system.

Frequency of Use

How often do you travel or camp out in your RV? This is important since it has a major impact on the type of awning light you need and the complexity of installation. LED RV awning lights can be installed in any number of ways, and you may want to look at a more permanent type of installation if you are living the RV life out on the road and using your awning lights year round, multiple times per year.

Illumination Power

Some people want enough light under their awning it can be seen from space. Depending on your needs, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you frequently travel or camp off grid, you may want to consider some powerful awning lights. They may be the only available illumination at your campsite, and you may need to see more clearly if you arrive at night and still need to set up camp.

Conversely, perhaps you are the sort of RV owner who just wants some mellow mood lighting to provide a little extra illumination between the fire pit and the RV. If you are looking for some less powerful illumination, you may want to look into LED string lights or an LED awning light with a dimmer control. Your neighbors at the RV park will definitely thank you.

Color Control

More and more RV awning kits allow you to adjust the hue and color of your LED lighting to suit your taste or the environment. While it may seem like a simple cosmetic feature, color control LEDs allow you to tint lights red and retain more of your night vision when walking to or from unlit areas of your campsite. If you need to light up the “front porch” area like Christmas, you can easily adjust both the brightness and color tone to suit the occasion.

Many LED awning lights also allow you to vary glow and blink patterns to create lighting effects, or even pulse to music you have playing. It’s a feature that many RV owners overlook without considering the benefits of color control, so it is definitely worth thinking over when choosing your RV awning lights.

Mounting System

There are many ways to mount LED lights for your awning area on your RV. Some use weatherproof adhesive and can simple be cut to the correct length and pressed into place securely, while others actually fit inside the roller for the awning itself and can be activated remotely. Others still are strung around the edges and plug into a wall outlet, while others can be bolted and wired directly into the side of your RV and connected to the main electrical system without taking up an outlet. The  only limitations are your skill at installing RV accessories or how much you are willing to pay someone else to install them for you.

Regardless of what you choose or how you have it installed, there is one overarching question you need to answer: can you maintain and operate this lighting system without help? When you are out on the road it’s unlikely you can get assistance with your lighting system, especially if you are headed out for some wilderness camping off the grid. You need to be confident in the utility and usability of your RV awning lights if you intend to get good use out of them, so make sure that whatever you get is easy for you to mount or unmount on your own.

Electrical Hookup

It’s a well established fact that LEDs draw far less power than incandescent lights, but how they draw that power can vary almost as much as the configurations for RV awning lights. Some can be plugged in directly to RV outlets, while others have to be wired in to 12-volt or 24 volts systems directly. You want to make sure you know what you are getting before making a purchase, as wiring in additional accessories can be a fairly daunting task if you aren’t familiar with car or home electrical work. So long as you know what you are getting into, getting the right electrical hookup is a simple matter of checking out the box before you buy a kit.

RV Awning Lights Reviews

Cosumina 33Ft Outdoor Globe String Lights 80 LED

For those RV owners seeking a classic look, these outdoor globe string lights have 80 LEDs on them and 8 different lighting modes. At 33-feet long, this strand of lights can easily extend all the way around the edges of your awning or just from arm to arm if necessary. While they look exactly like traditional incandescent light bulbs from a bygone era, they are actually ¾-inch diameter plastic globes with a set of powerful LEDs inside.

When set to their standard setting, these lights give off a warm golden glow that provides the perfect lighting for dining or entertaining. You can also dim the lights to your taste or program the lights to blink, slow glow, light in series, blink, and various other effects for specific mood lighting. All in all, this is a fantastic, easy to install solution for illuminating your awning area on your RV without necessarily modifying walls or the awning itself.


-33-feet of soft glowing LED globe lamps

-Easy to use remote that controls the 8 lighting modes and dimmer

-Installs quickly and can be taken down just as fast without modifying your RV


-33 feet may not reach around the entire edge of larger RV awnings

-Remote is line of sight only

-Does not include gutter hooks for stringing lights along the outside of your awning.

RecPro RV Camper Motorhome Travel Trailer 16′ WHITE LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & White PCB 12v Light

Many RV owners want to mount their RV awning lights discreetly so that they are invisible until needed. RecPro’s 16’ White LED 12-volt Lights are specifically designed for exactly this purpose. All you need to do is securely attach the mounting channel where it fits best by your awning, then peel and stick the LED strip into place.

This lighting kit is so simple and secure it can be mounted virtually anywhere on your RV, and it connects directly to your RV’s 12-volt electrical system.  Best of all, both the mounting channel and LED strip are UV treated to prevent additional wear and tear from the sun, ensuring that your LED awning light kit lasts for years to come. This may be a slightly pricier option compared to some other LED awning light kits, but it definitely installs quickly and stays put for as long as you intend to use it.


-Mounting channel allows you to safely and permanently install you lighting kit

-LED strip secures via adhesive and pressure from the mounting channel

-LEDs provide bright white light for over 60,000 hours


-Permanent install means you cannot move or remove the kit without significant work

-Must be wired into existing RV electrical system

-Lights cannot be dimmed or adjusted remotely


This permanent awning lighting kit from RecPro uses a black PCB mounting channel to secure LED strips via their adhesive and the retention pressure from the mounting channel. These LEDs are tinted blue, and are wired directly into the RVs existing electrical system.
The primary advantage to this lighting system is it provides a softer blue lighting effect and is easier on the eyes at night without compromising visibility. The black PCB mounting channel makes it easier to conceal under an awning or in any other recess where it can be hidden from view when not in use.


-A permanent, functional and unobtrusive mounting solution for awning lighting

-Bright blue LED illumination allows for better visibility without straining eyesight

-Mounting channel and LED strip are UV coated to protect them against exposure to the elements.


-Mounting channel and strip cannot be moved without significant additional work once they are in place

-LED color cannot be changed and lights cannot be dimmed or remotely controlled without additional hardware

-Must be wired directly into existing 12-volt circuit for power

LEDwholesalers 12-Volt RGB Color-Changing Kit with Controller and IR Remote

A truly all-in-one LED awning lighting kit, this water resistant LED strip can be easily mounted on the side of your RV to provide the lighting you need in awning area at your campsite. This kit is flexible and sealed with a silicon gel to protect it against the elements, and is rated to last up to 35,000 hours. It’s also extremely energy efficient and draws only 21.3 watts at full power.

Furthermore, this LED strip is designed to be cut to fit, and provides cutting marks every three LEDs (approx. 4-inches) so that you can cut it to fit any mounting space where you want illumination. This kit is powered by a 12-volt AC adapter, so it requires no wiring work or cutting.  Best of all, the color, brightness, and pattern of the LEDs can be controlled via an IR Remote, making it easy to turn on and off without having to go back inside your RV.


-Easy to install LED strip that can be adjusted for brightness and color tone

-IR wireless remote allows you to easily change settings without needing to get up

-LED strip can be cut to customized lengths for a perfect fit


-Only the LED strip is water resistant, all electrical cables and connectors need to be waterproofed individually

-Any cut sections of LED need to be covered with electrical tape or some other waterproof sealant

-IR remote is line of site only.

OPT7 AURA LED Trailer RV Underbody/Awning or Interior Lighting Kit

Looking for an LED Kit that will let you light up your RV from all sides? The OPT7 Aura is the kit for you. Not only can it be controlled remotely via wireless key chain remote, but it can also be programmed remotely from the included programming panel. The kit includes 4 Smart LED Panels that can be screwed directly into your RV’s exterior or undercarriage. Every kit includes two 48-inch bars and two 36-inch bars so you can easily set up lighting where it’s most convenient for you inside or outside of your RV.

Lights can be dimmed, programmed to glow and fade, blink in series, flash on and off, and even allows you to program custom user presets. Even better, you can also set the light bars to pulse to music thanks to their internal sound sensors. Worried about wiring? This kit comes with a standard 12-volt power adapter that fits in any vehicle accessory outlet, or you can use the included pro wiring kit and plug it directly into a 12-volt power panel. If you don’t mind investing a little more in your RV lighting kit, this is definitely the best all around option for RV owners.


-4 screw-mounted lighting bars (two 48-inch and two 36-inch)

-Programmable via included wireless remote, and truly wireless control via key chain remote

-Lights can be dimmed or programmed to glow and fade, as well as pulse to music


-Permanent mounting generally requires you to drill into walls or the undercarriage of your RV

-Light bar lengths cannot be altered

-Light bars cannot be fitted flush to the walls or underside of your RV


Out of all these lighting kits, our top pick is definitely the OPT7 Aura LED kit. It’s easy to install, easy to program, and provides the best LED life and durability. If you plan to mount an awning lighting kit on your RV, definitely look at the OPT7 Aura kit first. It’s well worth the time, effort, and cost to install it, and it will easily provide you with many years of faithful service.