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RV Awnings

An RV awning is one of the most popular ‘options’ available for your Motor Home, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer. But many RVers don’t use their awing because they don’t know how easy it is to use. Follow the simple instructions below to learn how to operate your RV awning and begin enjoying it.

The instructions below are for an A&E 9000 series manually operated awning. Other brands may have somewhat different hardware but the procedures will be much the same.

RV Awning roll-out

  • Loosen the rafters knobs on both awning support arms.
  • Release the travel locks on both awning arms.
  • Switch the ratchet lever on the roller tub to roll out position using the awning rod*.
  • Hook the pull strap with the awning rod and roll out the awning.
  • Slide the rafters up into position on the awning arms.
  • Tighten the rafter knobs on both rafters.
  • Raise the awning to the desired height using the handle on each support arm.

RV Awning Retraction

  • Lower the support arms to the rest position.
  • Loosen the rafters knobs and release the rafter latches.
  • Slide the rafters down to the rest position.
  • Grasp the awning to prevent it from rolling up by itself.
  • Switch the ratchet mechanism to the roll-up position*.
  • Control the roll-up with the pull strap and awning rod.
  • Secure the travel locks and snug up the rafter knobs.

*A sticking awning rachet lever is common with new awnings because everything is new and the springs that roll up the awning are especially stiff.

Try using your other hand to pull down… just a little… on the awning support arm while releasing the awning lever. This works best when the awning is out but you can also do it when the awning is rolled up.

Pulling down on the support arm helps release to ratchet attached to the other end of the lever. The ratchet is what locks the awning in or out and which way you pull the lever is what controls the ratchet direction.

Driving off on an adventure in your motorhome makes for an exhilarating experience because you know you’re setting a course for new horizons and greener pastures. You can stop wherever the mood dictates and know that whether rain, hail or shine, your bed is ready. Naturally, you also like to partake of outdoor pursuits when you go on a driving vacation. An RV vacation blends camping with a more civilized style of accommodation, yet you can still enjoy the fun and freshness of the outside environment with an RV awning, one of the most welcome accessories you can purchase.

Once you’ve set up at a campground, hooked up to the utilities and stretched your legs, it’s time for the RV awning to make its welcome appearance. It provides excellent shade, protection from the weather and adds an element of homey style to your motorhome; a little decoration for your home on wheels. Practicality and versatility mean your money is well spent on this equipment.

An RV awning assists with energy efficiency by creating shade on one side of your recreational vehicle. Air conditioning naturally works more effectively when it doesn’t have to struggle too hard with excessive outside heat.

Care for your RV awning

There are some basic things to remember to help keep your RV awning in top condition:
” Always keep it stowed in windy conditions.
” Have the awning tilted a little to avoid water pooling from rain or air conditioning condensation.
” Keep it clean and free of bugs, twigs and leaves.
” Maintain the arms with a special anti-rust lubricant like WD-40 so that they won’t jam or deteriorate.
” Whether it’s being used or not during a year, give it a quick spring clean to check for signs of wear and to ensure adjustment knobs, springs and hinges haven’t seized up.

Conducting a little maintenance on your RV awning year round with occasional quick services will ensure that there are no surprises when you need to use it on vacation. The last thing you want to be doing is looking around for a hardware store in an unfamiliar area.

There is a good range of RV awning products available from dealers nationwide. One quick Google search on the Internet will reveal an inventory that will offer something to suit all motorhome owners.

What to look for when purchasing a RV awning

Simplicity is a favored feature when shopping for an RV awning. If it takes too long, is too technical to operate, needs more than one person or is too awkward to set up, then you should consider a different model. Vacationing is about getting away from life’s stresses. Who wants to deal with a temperamental RV awning! Consider the following when looking at the various models:
* Ease of set up
* Ability to be tilted to remove pooled water
* Sturdiness
* Weather-hardy fabric
* Safety when set up and when stowed

Your dealer is the best person to consult about the most practical RV awning for your RV.

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