Best RV Coffee Tables for Storage

When you finally get an RV of your own, one of the first things you have to do is figure out what furnishings you need. Although many RVs come with furniture built-in, that doesn’t mean that you have everything necessary to keep the creature comforts of home.

One item that I personally like to have in my RV is a coffee table. If you have a living area with sufficient room, a coffee table can provide you with some much-needed counter space for when you’re trying to relax.

However, because storage is always in such short supply, your new coffee table has to be more functional than usual. For this reason, I want to show you the best RV coffee tables for storage. Each of these models is designed to give you more surface area and help you keep the rest of your stuff neat and tidy. Let’s see what they have to offer.

The Best RV Coffe Tables

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How to Choose an RV Coffee Table for Storage

Size and Dimensions

In an RV, size matters more than almost anything else. You can’t afford to get something that will take over your whole space if it’s going to get in the way. Since RVs don’t usually have a ton of open flooring, you have to consider how large your coffee table is going to be before you can think about its usefulness.

When checking the size and dimensions, here are a couple of things to pay close attention to. First, does it have room beneath the table? This can be crucial if you plan on sticking your feet (or other things) underneath while using it.

Second, how large is the storage space inside? What kind of stuff can you keep in there to make it worthwhile? Although we are looking at coffee tables online and it’s hard to get a sense of the depth of storage, you should still try to figure it out and see how viable it will be for different things.

Finally, what does it weigh? What will it potentially weigh once you load it with stuff? The weight of your new coffee table matters because you may have to move it or rearrange it (i.e., securing it while driving), so the heavier it is, the more challenging that will be.

Material and Style

Having a coffee table is more than just having another place for storage. It’s also something that will command attention in your living area. As such, you want it to fit with your overall motif. If it looks out of place with everything else, then it can be really annoying. You may not think so at first, but it will bug you over the long term (trust me).

When picking out a coffee table for RVs, you can usually find models that are either made of wood or upholstery. For my motorhome, I chose a wooden style coffee table because that fit best with my other furnishing. Also, if you get wood, then you can always paint it to add some extra color and personality.

Fortunately, the coffee tables we’re going to see have multiple design options available so that you can choose the right one that fits your decor and your space limitations.


If you’re trying to get the best RV coffee table, then you want one that is more than just a table. Sure, it does offer storage, but what if you’re going to use it as a footrest? Many coffee tables that have internal compartments are essentially large ottomans, which means that you can prop your feet on them without any problems. However, the downside of that is the surface is not completely flat, which can be annoying, depending on your needs.

This is another reason to consider a table with space below it. If it’s solid to the floor, then it can be awkward in the area if you don’t have sufficient legroom to spread out. Having made this mistake myself, I can say that it’s well worth the consideration. However, if you think that you can maintain enough space around the table regardless, then it’s not going to be an issue for you.

Storage Access

The final aspect of choosing the best RV coffee table is how you can access what’s inside. There are a few different ways to get your stuff, and each method has its pros and cons. Here is a brief outline of the ones that I’ve encountered.

Hinged Top

Overall, I prefer having this kind of access because it allows you to get inside more easily. Just lift, grab, and close. This is simpler and more efficient for both loading things into the table and pulling them out.

However, one thing to consider is that some models only allow you to open one side. In that case, it can be a little annoying trying to get stuff out from the opposite side, but it shouldn’t be much of a deal breaker.

Lift Top

Although this kind of access is relatively easy, I don’t like the fact that you have to pull the whole thing off to get inside. Depending on the size of your table, it can be more cumbersome than you’d like, which will affect how much you appreciate having it.

Moving Top

The way that this system works is that you can pull the top away from the storage compartment without removing it entirely. Overall, it has the same versatility of a hinged lid (which it technically is), but it does take up more space as well. If the coffee table is in kind of a tight area, then moving the top can get in the way.

Recommended Coffee Tables for Storage

Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Starting us off is one of the more elegant and beautiful coffee tables you can find. This unit from Dorel Living has a luxurious faux marble top, which elevates the style and class of your RV. If for no other reason, I like this table because of its appearance.

Fortunately, it’s also really practical for your RV as well. One thing that I like about it is the fact that there’s room underneath for your feet. Since we’ll be looking at a lot of Ottoman-style coffee tables, it’s nice to have this extra floor space available.

The tabletop is also dual-purpose. It’s a moving version, which means that you can lift it up and out while it’s still attached via hinges. However, what makes this even better is the fact that you can use the top as a more refined version of a TV tray. If you are lacking in table space for eating, or if you just want more options for meals, then this is a great addition. Also, even though the top doesn’t lock in the open position, it takes some effort to push back down, so don’t worry about knocking it over by accident.

What makes this coffee table even more versatile is its weight. It’s light enough at 42 pounds so that you can move it relatively easily. The only downside is that the storage space is not meant for anything substantial. Dorel Living seems to think that the only things you’ll need to put in there are magazines and TV remotes. Still, it’s handy if you know what you’re doing.


Moving hinged tabletop

Sleek marble finish

Black or brown colors available

Relatively lightweight design

Space underneath for feet

Top can also serve as a meal tray


Storage space is limited

In rare cases, the hinges may start to seize

SONGMICS 30L” Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

When looking at ottoman style coffee tables, you can either pick something that’s built to last, or you can get a model that’s more convenient and easy to use. This unit from Songmics is kind of a combination of both, although it leans more towards the convenience side of things.

The first thing I was surprised at is how light this model is. At 13.5 pounds, you can move it really easily, even when it’s full of stuff (depending on what you put into it). Best of all, it folds up so that you can put it into storage much more easily.

That being said, since it’s made of lightweight folding materials, it’s not built for abuse. Overall, it will experience more wear and tear than a model that uses a solid wooden frame. However, as long as you treat it with care, this ottoman should last for years.

Other little features also make this unit a viable option for most RVs. First, it has a faux leather covering that makes it look good, and it’s waterproof. Second, the top has a foam insert so that sitting on it is much more comfortable. Finally, if you do want to use it as a table more than anything, you can buy an ottoman tray that goes over the top to provide a flat surface.


Three color options available

Lift top for unrestricted access

Ottoman design is great for sitting

Can support up to 660 pounds

Optional ottoman tray available

Collapsible design for easy storage

Waterproof faux leather surface

Sponge insert for comfortable seating

Weighs less than 15 pounds


In some cases, it may have a strong chemical odor upon arrival

Over time, the corners may start to come apart

Black Faux Leather Ottoman Storage Bench

If you liked the 30L model from above, but you don’t have enough room for something of that size, then you should check out this unit from Home Complete. It has a lot of the same features and convenience of the Songmics, but it’s much lighter and more suited for limited floor spaces (like RVs).

As with all ottomans, this model is designed for sitting as well as storage. However, I would recommend using it more as a footrest than anything. The whole thing weighs just 12 pounds, and it folds into a compact shape for putting it away. Overall, that means that the materials inside are not intended for supporting a ton of weight. Even though the manufacturer says it can hold up to 420 pounds, I wouldn’t sit on it too often.

In the end, the best thing about this ottoman coffee table is that it’s affordable, it fits into almost any size RV, and it’s super easy to take down and set up. Also, it does come with a limited lifetime warranty (not for normal wear and tear), so that’s another bonus.


Compact design for smaller RVs

Can support up to 420 pounds

Lift top for easier access

Faux leather covering

Foldable design for easier storage

Weighs just 12 pounds

Affordable coffee table option

Foam insert for comfortable seating

Limited lifetime warranty


In rare cases, sitting on it may damage the internal components

Leather covering may start to rip off over time

SONGMICS 43″ Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

As we’ve seen, Songmics makes a pretty excellent ottoman for RVs. They are lightweight, easy to manage, and they can fold up for better transportation and storage. Thus, when your RV is parked for the season, you can bring the ottoman inside much more easily than you could with a static piece of furniture.

In this case, the 43-inch faux leather bench is designed for larger spaces. If you have the room for it, then this can be a really great addition to your RV’s living area. It serves as a coffee table, a storage trunk, and a seat for up to two adults.

With the seating, however, I have noticed that you have to be careful. If you put all of your weight in the center of the board, it is much more likely to bend and break. I suggest sitting towards the ends so that your weight is more evenly distributed. That being said, Songmics does say that it can hold up to 660 pounds.

Otherwise, this model is similar to the 30L above. The leather covering is water-resistant for easy cleanup, you can pick one of five different colors to match your decor, and it has a foam insert for more comfort while sitting. Also, because of its size, you get 120 liters of space inside, which is excellent for a lot of different items.


Five color options available

120 liters of space inside

Sturdy, lightweight materials

Holds up to 660 pounds

Foam padding for more comfort

Lift top design for easier access

Water-resistant coating is easy to clean

Folds flat for removal and storage

Longer shape adds more surface area

Weighs 21 pounds


In rare cases, the top may bend or crack if you sit on it wrong

Can be somewhat wobbly

SONGMICS 43″ L Fabric Storage Ottoman Bench with Lift Top

Although I like the Songmics Ottomans that we’ve seen so far, one element that I’m not completely sold on is the durability of the material. Although they are rated to support a lot of weight for sitting, the lightweight materials give me pause.

Fortunately, this unit combats that issue by having a metal framework. It’s still relatively lightweight at 18 pounds, and it can even fold in half for easier storage, but it’s much more reliable for sitting. That coupled with the soft foam insert ensures that you have no problems with it.

Another thing that I really like about this ottoman is the folding hinged design. The top can be removed completely, but you can also lift up either side to get into the storage space. This makes the unit much more convenient, as you can access what you need while sitting on it if necessary.


Extra long design

Fabric cover is more resilient

Foam insert for comfortable seating

Folding hinged top for easier access

Iron frame support for durability

Holds up to 660 pounds

Collapsible for easy storage

Weighs less than 20 pounds


Fabric is harder to clean

In rare cases, the middle bar may wobble

Sauder 420011 Coffee Table, Furniture

While having an ottoman table in your RV can work for a lot of different reasons, there is something to be said for having a coffee table that looks and functions like a regular table. This model from Saunder is another moving top version, which makes it both convenient and versatile.

What I like most about this model is the design. It has a rustic, antique feel to it that will fit into almost any space without disrupting the decor. Also, I appreciate the fact that it has a bottom shelf for additional storage. That does mean that you can’t put your feet under it, but I haven’t noticed any problems so far.

The tabletop can also serve as a tray for working or eating. The hinge stays in place, and it’s sturdy enough to hold more than you might think. Since the rest of the table is relatively heavy, you don’t have to worry about it capsizing, either.

Finally, I like that this unit is made from recycled wood, ensuring that it’s more eco-friendly than the others.


Sturdy oak construction

Rustic and authentic design

Moving table top

Bottom shelves for additional storage

Tabletop serves as a meal tray

Eco-friendly materials


Assembly is challenging for some users

Tabletop height may be too short for some people

Southern Enterprises Pyramid Storage Trunk Cocktail Table

If you like antique and vintage-style furniture, then you will love this storage trunk/cocktail table from Southern Enterprises. It comes in a variety of different colors, and it seems like it came straight out of the roaring 20’s.

There are two style options from which to choose. First, you can have this pyramid-shaped trunk, or you can go with an antique design that resembles a steamer trunk instead. I prefer the latter, but you can pick the one that works best for you.

Overall, this is an excellent option for RVs as long as you don’t mind the weight. It’s really sturdy and made of high-density wood, so it’s bulkier than other models we’ve seen. However, I like the durability of it, and I think you will too.

Another cool feature about this table is that it has an anti-slam hinge. Thus, if you’re worried about smashing your fingers while loading or unloading it, you don’t have to. It can support up to 100 pounds inside and 80 pounds on the surface.


Sturdy construction

Hinged top for easy access

Six colors and styles available

Side handles for carrying

Antique finish adds style to decor

Resistant to rotting or warping

Holds up to 180 pounds

Pyramid or steamer trunk design

Anti-slam hinge for safety


Heavier than other models

In rare cases, the unit may arrive damaged

Simpli Home Ellis Coffee Table Storage Ottoman

Our final model is a multi-functional ottoman table. This unit is much different from the other ones that we’ve seen, which can make it a better option for your RV.

What makes this ottoman so unique is the fact that it has two sides with hinges. One of them opens straight up to allow for easier access inside, while the other moves up laterally to provide a tray surface.

Overall, I like this additional functionality, although it doesn’t have as much storage space as other ottomans we’ve seen. However, the tray design is perfect for working or eating, provided that you aren’t sitting too high.

Sitting on this ottoman is comfortable, thanks to its faux leather finish (other upholstery options are available) and foam insert. It can support up to 250 pounds, thanks to its durable wooden frame.


Nine color options available

Sleek faux leather finish

Dual hinged design for more versatility

Can be used as a seat, tray, or storage

Foam insert for comfort

Can hold up to 250 pounds


More expensive than other models

Hinged design can make it harder to access contents

Final Verdict

With so many incredible storage coffee tables on this list, it’s hard to pick just one. So, I’ll pick two. If you like having a model that’s more of a table than anything, I suggest the Sauder Craftsman Oak version. I like the style of the unit itself, including the bottom shelf for additional storage.

However, if you prefer to have an ottoman version, then the Songmics Fabric Ottoman (ULSF70H) is your best bet. The reason I like this one over the rest is that it has the hinged top which can also be lifted off, making it the most versatile and accessible ottoman table you can find.