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Traveling in an RV is great because it allows you to see the world without having to leave the creature comforts of home. However, as advanced as RVs have gotten over the years, they still have their limitations.

One place you notice this a lot is in the kitchen. With most RVs, you have limited choices when it comes to cooking, which means that you have to be smart about the kinds of materials you bring with you. A rookie mistake is to assume that standard cooking utensils will work in an RV.

Instead, you want to get a cookware set that is designed for this kind of life. Today we’re going to be looking at the best RV cookware sets and see how they compare. Finding the right set is more than just seeing what kind of pots and pans are included. Depending on your rig, you may have to pay close attention to a variety of components.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what these sets have to offer.

The Best RV Cookware Sets To Buy

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How to Choose an RV Cookware Set


Durability and reliability are always necessary when buying items for your RV. Sure, you could make a decision based on price, but in my experience, it’s much better to upgrade to a higher end model instead of getting a cheap version. Paying a little more up front ensures that your cookware set will last for years and that you won’t have to replace it every year.

Usually, many RV cooksets are made of stainless steel, but you can also find aluminum options as well. However, if you want to work with an induction cooktop (more on that later), then you have to find a compatible set that will allow you to do that. Stainless steel is great for a lot of reasons, but it’s not made for induction cooking.

Another thing to consider is that many sets have optional coatings. On the inside, you can get ceramic or Teflon to prevent sticking, while the outsides may be enamel. I prefer non-stick coatings myself because I hate cleaning up, and ceramic is usually the best. However, pay attention to cheaper brands because the coating can start to chip off.

Enamel exteriors are only good if you want to add some color to your cookware set. Also, some of them can provide insulation so that the surface isn’t scalding, so you can keep that in mind as well.


Since you’re buying a whole set of utensils and cooking implements, you want to be sure that you get everything you think you’ll need. What kind of meals will you be preparing most in your RV? Personally, I like to make a lot of pasta, soups, and slow-cooker dishes because that means less cleanup afterward.

That being said, when you think about pasta, you have to consider the following: a pot for boiling the water, a colander for draining the water, lids to cover the pots, and a frying pan if you want to cook additional ingredients like sausage or meatballs. Overall, make a list of “must-haves” that need to come with your cookware set. This will make it much easier to pick out the best one.

Alternatively, don’t buy a set because it has so many extra pieces. If you’re not going to use them, then they’ll just take up valuable space. In the end, get a set that has only what you need, and nothing more (if possible).

Storage Space

As with everything else, storage is always in short supply on an RV. However, when people think about buying a cookware set, they tend to imagine that weight is a significant factor. As such, they will buy cheaper, lighter materials.

I can tell you from experience that weight doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that you can keep everything together in one package. As long as it all fits into the largest pot, you’re golden. Also, keep in mind that some sets have removable handles so that they don’t stick out and make it harder to store. I prefer these kinds of cookware sets because they are much more efficient.

Cooking Method

As I mentioned above, some RVs are best suited for induction cooking. If you’re not familiar with this method, it involves using electricity to heat the metal without using a flame or open heat source. What’s great about induction cooking is that it’s super safe because you can touch the pot or the cooktop without burning yourself.

The downside of induction cooking is that it only works with certain metals. As such, if you plan on using this method you have to be sure that the cookware set you buy is compatible. Also, induction cooking is not always reliable, especially if you have limited access to electricity.

Overall, I suggest buying a cookware set that can be used with an open flame or induction (but only if you have that kind of a cooking mechanism). This way you’re not screwed if you ever run out of power on the road.

Recommended RV Cookware Sets

Magma Products, 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Non-Stick Stainless Steel Cookware Set

One thing that you’ll notice when picking out the best RV cookware set is that you can’t pay attention to the number of pieces that come with the set. The reason I say that is because everything that comes with it is considered a “piece,” meaning that it can be misleading.

In this case, the 10-piece Gourmet Cookware from Magma includes five cooking pots and five peripheral accessories. The add-ons include two lids, two removable handles, and a bungee cord for strapping it all together.

That being said, the cookware is really high quality. It’s marine-grade stainless steel, which means that it is more resistant to rusting and breaking down (since it’s built to handle ocean air). The bottoms are also triple-clad to make them more resilient and to distribute heat more evenly.

Although I wish that they would come with non-stick coating, you can upgrade to an induction-compatible version of this set, so that’s a plus in my book.

I like the inclusion of a bungee cord as cookware sets can come apart really easily, and I appreciate the removable handles. Just be sure that they are securely attached before you start cooking to avoid any mishaps.


Marine grade stainless steel

10-piece cooking set

Bungee cord keeps contents secure

Removable handles for easier storage

Triple-clad bottoms for better heat distribution

Three saucepans with interchangeable lid

Oven and dishwasher safe

Induction-compatible version available


In rare cases, the handles may not stay on securely

Surface is not rated as non-stick

Magma Products, A10-362-IND 7 Piece Induction Cook-Top Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you liked the performance and reliability of the Magma Cookware set above but you thought that it came with a little too much, then you might prefer this seven-piece set instead. You don’t get as many saucepans, but you still have a deep dish frying pan and a large cooking pot for stews and other dishes.

Because it’s made from Magma Products, you know that this cookware is made of high-quality marine-grade stainless steel. However, this particular set cannot be upgraded to work with induction cooktops, so keep that in mind.

Otherwise, you get the same great features that come standard with all Magma Products. The bottoms of the cookware are triple plated to ensure even heat distribution. The thicker base also keeps it from breaking down easily.

Everything nests perfectly together, including a removable handle for the frying pan. The lids are interchangeable so that you don’t need as many, and it comes with a thick bungee cord to strap it all together when you’re ready to take off. Overall, if you’re not cooking with induction, this is a fantastic cookware set.


Heavy-duty marine-grade steel

Seven-piece cookware set

Bungee cord for secure storage

Removable handle for convenience

Interchangeable lid

Tri-clad bases for durability

Dishwasher and oven safe


Not made for induction cooking

Not non-stick

Stansport Premium Quality Stainless Steel 7 piece Deluxe Family Cookset

As I mentioned above, the number of pieces that come with a cookware set can be a little bit misleading since they include things like lids and handles. However, in this case, you get more pots and pans than you do accessories, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your cooking needs.

What I like about this set is that it’s made of lightweight stainless steel, so it’s easy to carry and bring with you on a trip. It also has many different size options so that you can find the right pot for whatever you’re making.

Another thing that I appreciate is that the handle and lid are universal. Not only that but the handle is made of a specialized material that stays cool at all times, allowing you to switch between different pieces without burning yourself.

While the handle and lid are nice, I also wish that there were more of them. Having only one lid and one handle for five different pots and pans is kind of unreasonable, especially if you’re using two or more at a time. Still, this is a decent and cost-effective set, so it may be a good option for you.


High-quality stainless steel

Stay cool removable handle

Handle works on all pieces

Universal lid

All parts stack together for easy storage

Thick bottoms for durability and heat distribution

Lightweight cookware set


Only one handle for all pieces

Only one lid

Texsport Kangaroo 7 pc Camping Cookware Outdoor Cook Set

When picking out the best RV cookware set, I have to say that non-stick surfaces are always going to be my top choice. If you hate washing dishes like I do, then you’ll feel the same way. I hate having to scrub my pots and pans after cooking, so non-stick sets are my best friend.

In this case, we have a seven-piece outdoor cooking set from Texsport. What I like about this set is that it’s made of high-quality aluminum, making it both lightweight and durable. While aluminum is not as strong as steel, it’s decent for those who don’t RV all the time.

This set comes with a few unique features. First, it has a universal gripper handle that works on all of the pots and pans. Second, instead of lids, you can use the frying pans to cover your pots. While I admire the commitment to efficiency, it does limit your cooking options if you want to use both at the same time.

The other cool thing about this set is that it comes with a mesh carrying bag and a bungee cord for secure storage. These components make the set ideal for both RVing and standard camping, so feel free to bring it on your next outdoor excursion.


Lightweight aluminum construction

Non-stick interior

Seven-piece set

Carrying bag included

Heat-treated enamel finish

Bungee cord for secure storage

Removable pot/pan gripper handle

Pot lids serve as fry pans


Gripper handle can get hot

Coating may start to chip after a while

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set

One thing that many RV cookware sets are lacking in is utensils. While they come with pots and pans, many of them don’t have a means of stirring or preparing your food. This set from Adventure Two corrects that issue by providing both a cutting board and two utensils along with the cooking pots.

While I would prefer for this set to have a frying pan, it’s perfect for those who like one-pot meals. It includes everything you need to make your dish, including two serving bowls with lids. A spatula and a ladle are provided, and they even come with removable handles so that it all fits inside.

The pots are made of scratch-resistant stainless steel, and they have removable metal handles. You do have to be careful when touching them, but you can use any dish towel to keep your hands safe.


13-piece cookware set

Prep utensils included

Scratch-resistant steel construction

Removable tool handles for storage

Vented lids for convenience

BPA-free materials

Cutting board and serving bowls provided

Ladle and spatula included


Pots are not non-stick

No frying pan included

Final Verdict

When comparing all of these cookware sets, I have to say that the 10-piece set from Magma is my favorite. Although I prefer non-stick models, I like the durability and reliability of this set, as well as the abundance of choice when cooking. Overall, you can expect the Magma cookware to last a lifetime. Just bring steel wool for cleaning.

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