RV Exterior – Cleaning Black Streaks

Black Streaks – How to Clean Black Streaks from your RV

The roof of your RV, by itself, doesn’t cause the black streaks. It’s the dirt, bird droppings, and other stuff that runs off the roof during light rains and heavy dew that causes the black streaks down the side of your RV.

Washing the RV roof just before the rainy season starts will go a long way toward eliminating the cause of black streaks.

RVs with rubber roofs may get white streaks caused by the natural oxidation of the rubber roofing material. You can minimize white streaks by washing the roof twice a year. Keep in mind when you are washing a rubber roof that the oxidation on the surface acts as a barrier to further oxidation of the rubber below so your goal is not to eliminate all the oxidized material but only to remove the chalk or powder buildup that will cause the white streaks during a rain storm. To maximize the life of your roof use a soft brush (the same one you use to wash the rest of the RV should do) and avoid excessive scrubbing.

Washing the sides of your RV with a good wash & wax product regularly will do a lot to keep black streak causing stuff from the roof building up on the sides of the rig.

If you already have a black streak problem here are a couple of products you can try on your RV.

If you have some, try WD-40 before you go out and buy something special. You’ll have to wash with regular soap and water after using WD-40.

Beware of some black streak products.. they may permanently remove the gloss from fiberglass RVs. Always test a small, out-of-the-way place first. Gel Gloss will clean black streaks from most fiberglass.

Some people use common bug and tar remover. Turtle Wax makes one as do lots of other companies. Again try it on a small out-of-the-way place first.

WD-40 solvent also works well cleaning exterior and interior vinyl. Remember to wash with regular soap and water after using WD-40.

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