Best RV TPMS For Safe Driving

Whether you’re driving an RV or some other vehicle, tire pressure is something that you should pay attention to as closely as possible. However, because RVs have more wheels, and some models are not connected to a cab, it’s even more imperative that you have some method of monitoring your tire pressure.

Fortunately, you can buy Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and install them on your RV relatively easily. These devices enable you to keep a close eye on your tires so that you can maximize your fuel efficiency and drive safely at all times.

Today I’m going to show you some of the best TPMS models out there, as well as go over the various elements to look for when picking out the right one. Don’t let your tires get low again, be prepared for anything.

Our Recommendations

Editors Choice
Best Value
EEZTire TPMS6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
EEZTire TPMS6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Best For Phone
TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs
TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs

The Best RV TPMS To Buy

You may notice a trend here, buying a TPMS for an RV is not a cheap endeavor.

While there are several options in the $100 price range, most of them we’d personally be concerned using on a 10,000 pound RV. It’s difficult to keep an RV on the road in a heavy cross-wind! Keeping a pro-active eye on your tires is the cheapest insurance you can buy, not just for your RV, but to protect your life and the life of your loved ones traveling with you.

Unlike a car, a sudden flat tire is recoverable. But if you’re driving a loaded down motorhome, pulling a trailer, or drive an RV with duallies in the rear, it can be a white knuckle experience if you end up with a tire on fire or worse, a blowout due to under-inflated tires.

There are so many scenarios where properly inflated tires is the safest thing you can do when driving an RV.

Watch them tires! Or better yet, use technology to watch them for you and alert you to issues.

How to Choose an RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Direct vs. Indirect

One of the more crucial elements of a TPMS device is how it monitors the tires. There are two primary options; first, you can install a sensor inside the tire via the air hole (direct). Secondly, you can have an exterior sensor that measures things like rotational speeds and other factors (indirect).

I overwhelmingly prefer direct TPMS models because they are far more accurate and they can give you a warning when a tire is starting to get low. Although indirect devices are cheaper and easier to install, they are much less reliable. In the end, if you do go with an indirect system you will still have to pay attention to your tires more to be sure that it’s working properly, which kind of defeats the purpose.


Because these tire pressure systems are installed manually, they don’t work the same way as they do in your car. Instead of getting a warning light on your dashboard, the sensors are connected to a display to show you the individual pressure and temperature of each tire.

In most cases, this display is a proprietary device made by the manufacturer. However, in other instances, you may be able to sync the system to your smartphone and check on your tires via an app. Either method is suitable, so it’s up to you to decide which one is more convenient.

If it helps, high-tech models that sync to a smartphone are usually more expensive, so that can be another deciding factor.


Since these are the elements you will be relying on to monitor your tires, you have to be sure that you’re getting high-quality materials. When picking out a TPMS device, it’s imperative that you pay attention to several key components of the sensors.

Cap vs. Flow Through

A cap sensor is easy to install because it screws onto the air nozzle of the tire. You can put cap sensors on all of your tires quickly and remove them just as fast if and when necessary. The downside, however, is that you have to take them off whenever you want to refill the tire.

Flow through sensors are meant to stay on the tire semi-permanently. They replace the nozzle and allow air to flow through them. Thus, you can refill your tires without having to take the sensor off. To keep them secure, many of them have locking mechanisms as well.

Both types of sensors are good at reading as long as you’re using a direct monitoring system. Again, convenience and ease of use are going to be the most critical deciding factor.

Number of Sensors

When buying a TPMS device, you have to be sure that it has enough sensors to fit over every tire on your RV. Usually, these machines will come with a set amount, but they can sync to more of them if necessary. For example, it may have six to begin with, but you can sync up to 22 or more as needed. If you have a lot of tires on your RV or you want to monitor multiple vehicles, it’s helpful to get a system with more connections available.

Sensor Range

It’s impractical to connect each sensor to the display manually (via wires), so each one uses a remote transmitter to send pertinent data. As such, you have to be sure that the sensor has sufficient range to be read from the cab of your RV. For most RVs that are self-driven, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re towing a trailer, then you might want to measure the distance to be 100% sure.

Recommended RV TPMS

TST 507rv Tire Monitor System

TST 507rv Tire Monitor System
  • Reports pressure and temperature on Color Monitor
  • Monitor can report up to 4 trailers/towables
  • Customize each axle for high and low alert parameters
  • Monitor auto-scrolls through each tire reporting PSI and Temp
  • Cap Sensor is safe for rubber valve stems

The 507 Series 6 RV Cap Sensor TPMS System is the best on the market. Designed for any RV, it includes a color display and can monitor the RV and up to 4 trailers and 115 tires.

Its dash and suction cup mounts make it easy to see immediately if a tire is low. This kit comes with a repeater to boost the signals from the caps to the display computer. 

This is the best of the best when it comes to a TPMS that works great for an RV. TST is a reputable company that knows RV’s and their equipment is durable, accurate, and trustworthy.

This is a high quality system. I like the size and appearance of the display screen, and it uses flow-through sensors for convenience. The transmitter range is good for most RVs and trailers, and the included booster works excellent for extra long fifth wheel haulers. Pretty much, this kit will work for any RV configuration you can think of.

The system is programmable and will notify you of blowouts, low pressure, and slow leaks. The sensors are top rated, and they will last for a while before you have to recharge/replace the batteries. Installation is a breeze, and the accuracy of the system is also decent. Overall, I like the price more than anything, although it doesn’t have a lot of significant issues. It’s just not the top of the line.

  • Large backlit LED screen
  • Flow through tire sensors
    Programmable options
  • Long range transmitter
  • Easy to install
  • Simple menu setup
  • Display mount included
  • Shows temperature and pressure
  • Syncs with up to 115 tires
  • Removable and rechargeable sensor batteries
  • In rare cases, the receiver may not work properly
  • Flow through sensors can take a while to sync sometimes

EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System

EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Real time 24×7 tire pressure & temperature monitoring capability with 98.5% accuracy
  • Monitors up to 26 tires
  • Handles tire pressure up to 210 psi
  • TPMS monitor sends audio & visual alert when tire pressure is 20% over OR 10% under the preset tire pressure parameters
  • TPMS monitor sends audio and visual alert when tire temperature is above the preset 158-degree Fahrenheit

EezTire TPMS  Systems are state of the art, designed and developed with cutting edge latest German INFINEON wireless TPMS technology.

The tire pressure sensors are directly attached to the tire valves to monitor tire pressure and temperature to ensure they stay within the pre-programmed safety parameters. The tire sensors continuously and wirelessly transmit tire pressure and temperature information to the TPMS monitor at a 6-second interval.

When deciding between a proprietary display and a smartphone sync, I usually prefer the former option. The reason that I like dedicated display screens is that it can be set up to show me my tires at all times. When I use my phone, I’m not always monitoring the tires, so it can be a disadvantage.

In this case, the EEZTire System has a large 3.5-inch backlit LED screen. It’s easy to mount, and it connects with up to 22 sensors. You can use either cap or flow through sensor units as you see fit, making this system even more versatile.

As far as data shown, this monitor will display the position of the tires being tracked as well as pressure and temperature information. Although the psi levels are not as high as other systems (stops at 189 psi), it should be more than enough for most rigs.

The sensors are highly accurate, and the range is decent. If you’re worried about your rear tires, however, you can buy a signal booster separately. Although I don’t really like that it cycles through all of the sensors automatically, I do appreciate the fact that the system has audible alarms built-in. When your tire is running low, it helps to get a warning buzzer instead of a visual notification. This way you’re sure to notice immediately and take action. Also, you can program the system to alert you with different criteria, so it’s not just blowouts or low pressure that will get your attention.

Key Features

  • TPMS monitor has separate controls for the front and towed vehicles
  • Tire pressure sensors are directly mounted on tire valves and transmit tire pressure and temperature information to TPMS monitor on a 6-second interval continuously even when vehicles are not moving
  • TPMS monitor is motion sensitive and will go into power saving mode if no motion is detected in 15 minutes to save battery
  • Large TPMS monitor 4 ½” x 3” with built-in rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours on a charge.
  • Two different type of tire sensors – anti-theft sensors and flow-through sensors to meet your tire needs.
  • Tire sensors have replaceable 1632 batteries
  • Easy to program. It only takes a few minutes
  • Booster/repeater can be added to the TPMS system to overcome electromagnetic interference and distance challenges
  • 3-year limited product warranty

Detailed Description

REAL TIME/24×7 SAFETY & HIGH FUEL ECONOMY – EezTire TPMS system by EEZ RV Products is the industry leader in the RV TPMS market since 2005. It accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires and handle tire pressure up to 210 psi. EezTire TPMS system gives you PEACE OF MIND 24 x 7 when you are on the road or off the road. Maintaining proper tire pressure at all times ensures vehicle safety and helps achieve desired fuel economy.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ALERT SYSTEM – the monitor is motion sensitive and monitors tire pressure and temperature on 6-second intervals continuously. It sends visual and audio warning alarms immediately when tire pressure or temperature falls outside the preset safety parameters. The monitor goes into power saving mode if no motion is detected in 15 minutes to save battery. The sensors send status signals to the monitor on 6-second intervals continuously as long as the sensors are under pressure

EASY OPERATION & MAINTENANCE – EezTire TPMS monitor has one of the largest display screen on the market 4 ½” x 3”. It takes minutes to setup and program. Pre-programming available by seller (please contact us for details), The monitor has a built-in rechargeable internal lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours on a charge. Sensors have replaceable batteries. It comes with a common USB charging cord that can be connected to vehicle’s cigarette lighter or USB port.

MULTIPURPOSE – TPMS monitor has separate controls for RV and trailer sensors which allows owner to turn off trailer control when driving RV only. The monitor can be programmed with anti-theft sensors or flow-through sensors or different combinations of both sensors to meet the needs of different tires. A booster can be added to boost signal and overcome distance and electromagnetic interference challenges. A basic TPMS system starts with 4 sensors (TPMS4) and could go up to 26 sensors (TPMS26)

WARRANTY – 3-YEAR LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY – EEZ RV Products offers a 3-year limited product warranty for all of our TPMS systems. We also provide technical and customer support when you have any questions or need help.

  • Large 3.5-inch backlit LED screen
  • Shows position of each tire
    Syncs with up to 22 sensors
  • Shows high and low-pressure settings
  • Audible alerts available
  • Displays temperature as well
  • Cap-style sensors provided
  • Rechargeable battery for the display
  • Compatible with flow-through sensors as well
  • Monitors up to 189 psi
  • System cycles through all sensors, even those not being used
  • Backlight fades quickly 

TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters

TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters
  • Constant 6 Second Tire Issue Monitoring
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Devices
  • Monitors for High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rapid Leaks, Slow Leaks, High Temperature and Blowouts
  • The Free TireMinder App Makes Setup Easier Than Ever! Setup Takes Only 10 Minutes
  • The App Also Includes Automatic Scrolling Between Tires, Tire Data Refresh and 2-Part Vehicle Disconnect
  • Includes Anti-Theft Locking Nuts to Secure Transmitters to Valve Stem

TireMinder is the first and only smartphone-based tire monitoring system designed specifically for RVs. The Smart TPMS uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth adapter to connect directly to your RV’s tire pressure sensor caps.

Once connected, it will alert you via the TireMinder app whenever tire pressure drops below a preset level, or when an individual tire starts to lose air. This will allow you to take action before any critical issues occur, and give you peace of mind with every drive.

It’s fast, easy, and has all of the features you would expect in a high-end system.

If you like the idea of connecting your tire sensors to your smartphone, then you will appreciate the convenience of the TireMinder Smart System. This model is compatible with both iPhones and Android, allowing you to connect seamlessly across devices.

The way it works is that you can connect to the sensors via Bluetooth. They feed into a centralized transmitter so that you can read them all simultaneously. They provide data on pressure and temperature readings, ensuring that you’re always on top of them.

When comparing different systems, these sensors are cap-style, and they can go as high as 232 psi. Also, they detect problems like slow leaks and blowouts, sending the data to your phone in real time.

I would prefer if there were an integrated app that could send push notifications, but the Bluetooth connection is a decent setup. Also, you can sync up to 22 sensors at once, making it both reliable and versatile. Installation is super easy with the sensors, and you also get locking nuts, so that people can’t steal them.

Key Features

  • TireMinder Rhino Signal Booster: Includes the TireMinder Rhino Signal Booster with 3X greater signal strength than the original TireMinder booster.
  • Constant 6 Second Tire Monitoring: Every 6 seconds, the TireMinder TPMS will check for a tire issue. If an issue occurs, an alert will be immediately triggered.
  • Never Miss an Alert: With the TireMinder Smart TPMS, you will receive alerts in the app, through push notifications on your phone, and with the included Bluetooth adapter.
  • Free Battery Replacement Program: Minder offers a free battery replacement program for their TireMinder Transmitters. Once registered, you can request batteries online.
  • Smartphone sync (iPhone or Android)
  • Six sensors included
  • Monitors high and low pressure, as well as leaks
    Can connect with up to 22 tires
  • Measures up to 232 psi
  • Shows pressure and temperature
  • Automatic search feature
  • Rhino signal booster included
  • Bluetooth adapter for easier syncing
  • Cap-style sensors
  • Anti-theft locking nuts provided
  • More expensive than other models
  • Accuracy may vary over time

Vesafe TPMS for RV with 6 Anti-Theft sensors

Vesafe TPMS for RV with 6 Anti-Theft sensors
  • Alerts: high pressure, low pressure, overheating, puncture, fast leak
  • Real Time: Display tire pressure and temperature
  • Weather: all-weather rated
  • Sensors: easy installation, anti-theft, water resistant, wide pressure range, CR2032 replaceable batteries

VESAFE tire pressure monitoring system is designed to work on all types and styles of recreational vehicles, including motor home, travel trailer, auto, 5th wheel, etc.

It is a safety tool to help drivers understand when their tires are approaching an unsafe conditions, including under-inflation, over-inflation, over-heated and fast leakage.

Stay on top of your RV’s tire pressure with the Vesafe TPMS system. This wireless, active anti-theft system includes six anti-theft sensors that will give real time alerts if any tires are in distress.

This system is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system for RV and trailer tires. It utilizes 6 sensors that communicate with a receiver to alert you if your tires are under- or overinflated.

It works both indoors and outdoors. It supports up to 7 tires on a trailer, and 10 on an RV, which means you can monitor all of your RV’s tires at home while on the road with peace of mind.

You’ll be able to monitor all of your tires’ pressure in real time. The system automatically detects when the tire is correctly inflated and alerts you with an LED indicator light on the receiver to let you know when it needs servicing or replacement.

  • Easy to setup
  • Very accurate
  • Online support is very good
  • Monitor battery life is excellent
  • Great value
  • Can be a little confusing to setup if you don’t follow directions exactly
  • Some have reported dead or weak batters on arrival. Good news is Support is very responsive.

Guta RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Guta RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Display Charging: Fully charged in 4 hours and will work for up to 12-14 days. USB and includes a rechargeable battery
  • Display Viewing: 3.9″ x 3.0″ x 0.98″ large LCD screen and automatic dimming function make you can read more clearly and brightly no matter in day or night.
  • Sensors: Waterproof, anti-theft, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-slip out, strong resistance for both high and low-temperature environments
  • Sensor Sensing Distance: up to 80 ft
  • Repeater: Included in kit

GUTA is a brand focused on the safety of automobile tire pressure. They’re not well known, but after five years of research, they’ve developed a TPMS that is popular for RV’s and has great reviews. 

Key Features

  • Alarm Modes: 7 total, High and low-pressure, high-temperature, low battery, fast tire leak, sensor data loss
  • Monitor Display Battery Time: 14 days of life, Energy-saving large-size LCD, observe up to 22-24 tires, and the content includes temperature (°F / °C), pressure (PSI / BAR) at the same time. 4 hours fully charged, keep to 12-14 days.
  • Sensing Distance: Max up to 80 ft, Equipped with a repeater (EXCEPT FOR 4-SENSOR MODEL), tire pressure monitoring range is 0-188psi, the tire temperature monitoring range is -4~185 ℉.
  • Easy Install and Set up: 1) First code every sensor, then install sensors on the tire, done!
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Their contact information is publicly avaiable in the Q&A section on the Amazon page
  • Common Batteries: sensor battery can be replaced, and the model is CR2032

  • Extremely great value for the money
  • Very simple setup
  • Tech support responds rapidly
  • Uses standard CR2032 batteries in sensors. Piece of mind being able to carry spares and replace if out traveling
  • Ships with repeater, but may not need it as range is excellent without it
  • Sensors are a bit larger than others. May be difficult to get mounted on custom wheels
  • Instructions can be confusing if not followed exactly

Minder Research TM22142

Minder Research TM22142
  • 3.15″ Color Display
  • Simultaneously displays up to 10 Tires
  • Monitor up to 20 Tires Simultaneously
  • +/- 1 PSI accuracy from 0-199 PSI
  • Add and Swap Between 4 Vehicles
  • 3 Year Warranty

The TireMinder TM22142 is a premium color TPMS designed to continually monitor up to 20 tires, while allowing to swap between up to 4 different vehicles for a total of 40 tires.

This TPMS simultaneously displays up to 10 tires at once, automatically swapping between the front (towing) and rear (towed) vehicles.

The TireMinder il0 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) allows for constant monitoring of a vehicle’s Tire
Pressure & Temperature.

This system can receive wireless information from up to 20 tires (displayed in two 10 tire sections), as well as swap between 4 different vehicles.

Various levels of warnings are issued for pressure changes (under, over and leaking), high temperatures and signal loss.

Alerts – How the TireMinder TPMS Alerts Work

The main function of a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is to alert when a tire issue occurs. Your TireMinder will check for the following tire issues every 6 seconds:

  1. Rapid Leak: Pressure loss of 3 PSI or more in less than 2 minutes
  2. Slow Leak: Pressure loss of 6 PSI or more in 2 to 10 minutes
  3. Low Pressure: Pressure loss of 15% or more of the baseline pressure
  4. High Pressure: Pressure increase of 20% or more of the baseline pressure
  5. High Temperature: Internal tire temperature of 167 deg F or greater

In the event of a tire issue, the appropriate alert will be displayed on the top of the screen and tire position with the issue will be circled in red. Also, the monitor will start to beep and a red light will be displayed on the top of the monitor. If multiple alerts occur, use the right or left buttons to toggle between alerts.

Key Features

  • Always on Display
  • Display up to 10 Tires Simultaneously
  • High Powered Rhino Signal Booster Included
  • Extremely Accurate +/- 1 PSI from 0-199 PSI
  • Operates While Stationary or Driving
  • Lifetime, USA-Based Customer Support

  • Accurate
  • Excellent customer support
  • More often than not need to use the included Repeater
  • Repeater installation can be challenging due to placement behind rear axle and requiring wired power

GUTA Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System

GUTA Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Simultaneous Monitoring: Can monitor up to 8-10 tires. The TPMS can monitor the real-time tire pressure of 8 main tires and 2 spare tires
  • Monitoring Distance: Up to 36 feet
  • Alarms: 6 total
  • Display Charging: Solar! And can charge via USB as well

GUTA Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a solar powered wireless tire pressure monitor that alerts drivers of low tire pressure, flat tires, and deflated tires.

The GUTA Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System features a 6 alarm modes including off, low tire pressure alert, low tire pressure warning, high temperature alert, high tire pressure warning and power saving mode.

Guta tire pressure monitoring takes the guess work out of tire pressure, ensuring you keep your tires at their optimal levels.

The solar charging system lets you monitor your tire pressures without having to worry about the battery life, or if you’ll have enough juice for your trip. Just toss a little solar power into the GUTA solar tire pressure monitoring system and keep on driving, knowing that each tire will be properly inflated.

Key Features

  • Switch Monitoring Mode: Switch mode 1 and mode 2 according to different road conditions (normal road and special road)
  • Convenient and Simple Wireless Connection: Two ways to connect sensors indefinitely (INFLATE CODE learning and touch code learning), regardless of whether the sensor has been installed on the tire, you can achieve an easy wireless connection.
  • Additional Features of Sensors: The sensor is low power consumption and long working life. Small size, light-weight, high accuracy of sensing tire pressure. It also can withstand harsh environments. (waterproof, anti-theft, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-slip out, strong resistance about the high and low-temperature environment)
  • Locking Sensors: uses a special nut and wrench to install or remove the sensors. Not 100% theft proof, but it is a convenient deterrent, much like most wheel locks.

  • Solar charging! Never run out of power
  • Theft proof sensors
  • Sensor distance good to at least 28 feet in real world 
  • Great value
  • Kit does not come with a repeater
  • Installation and setup are a bit tricky

Previous RV TPMS Contenders

Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When it comes to monitoring tire pressure, do you want a system that’s just good enough, or do you want something that’s made for professionals? In this case, the Bellacorp TPMS is built for commercial vehicles (18-wheelers), meaning that it’s more than capable for monitoring your RV.

What I like most about this system is that it’s highly accurate and it has a long range. It uses cap-style sensors to make installation a breeze, and the 3.5-inch screen is easy to use. You can sync with up to 34 tires if necessary, although I can’t imagine needing that kind of comprehensive monitoring.

One feature that really helps is the fact that the system is motion activated. When you’re parked, you don’t have to worry about the sensor batteries draining since they turn off automatically. Then, once you start moving again, they will turn on and start feeding data to the display. When the batteries do die, you can either recharge them or replace them, making the whole system even more reliable.

Another highlight of this model is the display mount included with your order. Instead of having to buy it separately and hope that it fits, you can get setup in minutes and start monitoring your tires immediately. You can also program alarms and alert settings so that you can always be sure that you’re operating at peak efficiency.

Overall, this is a high-quality TPMS device, and I highly recommend it.

Key Features

  • After years of development, we now recommend users of our product as well as users of ALL other brands of TPMS units install a repeater. The FCC mandated radio frequency of 433.92 mhz is increasingly crowded with wireless devices. Our sensors use a coin battery that can be overpowered. A repeater uses 12 volt power that is 100 times more powerful and provides 99% full data coverage. Because safety is first, we believe our customers are well served taking the extra step of installing a repeater.
  • INCLUDES FREE REPEATER. Sensors are pre-programmed for 6 tires on the tow vehicle and 6 tires on the Fifth Wheel, Box Trailer, Toy Hauler. If you are not handy enough to install the repeater to 12 volt power, please DO NOT buy this product. Turn on Monitor and Screw in Sensors, 6 for the truck/RV and 6 for the trailer.
  • Real Time/Full Time Tire Pressure and Tire Temperature up to 34 tires. High and Low Pressure alarms from 15psi to 175psi and high Temperature to 186 degrees. Commercial grade system useful for small trailers all the way up to 18 wheelers.
  • Anti Corrosion Secure fitting sensor caps will not leak air. Industry leading sensor range. Waterproof to 3 feet. Sensors have replaceable batteries, #1632.
  • Please keep in mind that only 1% of customers post reviews. The reviews may or may not contain accurate information. We have many thousands of satisfied customers. Please feel free to contact us directly via Amazon messaging for guidance on the use of our product.

  • Large 3.5-inch digital screen
  • Easy to use menu options
  • Can come with up to 18 sensors included
  • Cap-style sensors provided
  • Batteries are replaceable and rechargeable Sensors are waterproof up to three feet
  • Backlit monitor for low light conditions
  • Syncs with up to 34 tires
  • Monitors up to 175 psi
  • Shows pressure and temperature readings
  • Display mount included
  • Ideal for consumer or commercial use
  • Motion-activated system
  • Programmable alarm settings
  • Sensors are numbered and have to be installed in order

Tire-Safeguard RV 6-Tire Flow-Through Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System

For some people, flow-through TPMS sensors are better at capturing and reading data that screw caps. While I don’t have a particular preference, I can understand the appeal of these kinds of sensors. Also, they are much more convenient since they can remain on the tire indefinitely without any issues.

So, if you want a flow-through system, then this model is a perfect choice. What I really like about it is the display. It’s large, and it shows all of the data in bold lettering so that you can’t miss it. Other monitors can be a little confusing to read at times, but this one is very user-friendly.

Compared to other systems, this unit can monitor up to 199 psi on up to 22 tires. The display comes with a suction cup mount, making it easier to set up than most other models I’ve seen. It has a variety of warning lights and alarms, including low and high pressure, as well as slow leaks and blowouts. Also, if the tires are getting too hot, it will notify you of that, too.

The sensors are high quality and have good range. They are also waterproof so that they last longer outside, and you can lock them to the tire for security purposes. Overall, this is a great flow-through system.

Key Features

  • The monitor has a range of 0 to 19
  • You can add air to the tires without removing the sensor with the flow through
  • Monitors and alerts individual tire pressure for all tires on the vehicles
  • Large RV tires do not need balance. Smaller vehicle tires might need it
  • Flow through sensor is 1×0.8×0.9
  • Sensors use commonly found CR1632 batteries
  • Display size is 2.5×2.0
  • Sytem issues audible warnings and indicate bad tire position immediately upon detection of tire problem
  • Portable suction-cup monitor
  • Flow-through sensors
  • Monitors up to 199 psi
  • Large LED screen
  • Big lettering for easier visibility
  • Displays pressure and temperature
  • Shows leaks and blowouts
  • Programmable settings and alerts
  • Battery level indicator light
  • Sensors are waterproof
  • In rare cases, the sensors may stop working suddenly
  • Large sensor size may prevent some hubcaps from being used

Final Verdict

Overall, if you want to be sure that your RV’s tires are being monitored properly, then I suggest the TRUCK SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES TST507RV6C TPMS. Since this is a commercial-rated system, you know that it’s built to last and that it will be more reliable than most other units.

I like the battery-saving motion detection technology installed, as well as the accuracy and range of the sensors. Compared to other systems, this model has some of the best sensors in the industry.

Other than that Editors Choice, the other two on our Top Picks are also recommended.

Editors Choice
Best Value
EEZTire TPMS6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
EEZTire TPMS6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Best For Phone
TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs
TireMinder Smart TPMS for RVs